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San Antonio is a city in south central Texas that’s home to a wide variety of attractions and sights to see. According to Texas Demographics, as of 2020, San Antonio is the second most populous city in the state, trailing only Houston. Given how populous San Antonio is, we figured it would be a good idea to highlight our picks for some of the best things to do while in this vibrant city. If you are wondering what to do in San Antonio, read below to find out!

Stop by the Sea Life Aquarium

The Sea Life Aquarium, located at 849 E. Commerce St. Suite 600, is exactly what its name suggests. It is a family-friendly aquarium containing a wide variety of sea creatures and exhibits for guests to enjoy. This aquarium is also home to San Antonio’s only underwater ocean tunnel, where guests can get an up-close look at hundreds of sea creatures from their point of view — the ocean. In addition to all of their exhibits, they also offer guided tours designed to educate guests on marine life. If you are looking for a fun and educational family activity to engage in, we suggest stopping by the Sea Life San Antonio aquarium!

Visit the Alamo Museum

The Alamo Museum, located at 300 Alamo Plaza, is a museum dedicated to the Battle of the Alamo in reference to the Texas Revolution for independence from Mexico. The museum offers a multitude of exhibits, events, private tours, and even summer programs that are all designed to educate guests on the history of the Alamo. If you are interested in learning more about American history, more specifically the history of Texas, we highly recommend visiting the Alamo!

Check Out the San Antonio River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk is considered a city park, but it’s more like an outdoor mall that contains various shops, restaurants, activities, and time-specific events for guests to enjoy. The best part about the San Antonio River Walk is that no matter what time of year you intend on visiting, there is always something exciting to do, which is why it is widely considered by many as the top attraction in all of Texas. If you enjoy shopping, eating good food, and being outdoors, check out the San Antonio River Walk today!

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